Timber Repairs – Dry Rot – Wet Rot in Wrexham

Properties across the UK that have been designed with structural timber are susceptible to wood rotting fungi and infestations of woodworm.

If the timbers within the building have been affected in any way, then this is when you will need timber repairs.

Timber repairs should be conducted by a professional to ensure that the works conducted will not only remove the infected timber but stop it from becoming damaged in the short term.

Structural timber repairs have always been thought of as an expensive and lengthy operation. From small timber repairs in domestic properties to replacing larger beams as part of barn conversions.

Why Does Your Property Need Timber Repairs in Wrexham?

One of the main reasons for timber repairs needing to be carried out is when a property is suffering from dry rot, wet rot or woodworm infestations. These timber-related rot issues are caused when the timber has been exposed to elevated levels of moisture for an extended period of time.

Structural timbers may also start to deteriorate due to poor design or as a result of alterations to the building that have been conducted in the past.

Just like most things, structural timbers may also start to deteriorate naturally over time. It may also be down to the over-loading of the structural timbers. E.g., if the roof timber has been designed to hold slate it might not be able to support the weight of heavy tiles.

Types of Timber Repairs That We Conduct in Wrexham

We provide a wide range of timber repairs to make sure that the structural integrity of the building is secure. We offer timber repairs that are suited for your property:

• Timber resin repairs / splices
• Repairing carrier beams
• Repairing damaged joist ends
• Treating damaged joist ends
• Strengthening beams

Whether your property is affected by a woodworm infestation or just natural deterioration of the structural timber we will make sure that we provide the most efficient and effective timber repair for your property.

Timber Frame Repair in Wrexham

Timber framed buildings are particularly vulnerable to problems of wood rot and woodworm beetles. The structural integrity of the property can also be significantly affected by constant exposure to dampness.

Within the smallest of cracks, timber frames can suffer from damp penetration. This can occur if the property is poorly maintained, or the building was limited by design constraints.

Solutions for treating the effected timber framed buildings include a combination of the removal of the decaying structural timber and the repair of existing timber with the use of epoxy resins.

Timber Window Repair in Wrexham

Timber windows will deteriorate over time and instead of having to replace the whole timber window you can have repairs conducted. Not only will deteriorate due to weathering but also because they are exposed to damp issues.

One of the main causes for damaged timber windows is that they are not regularly maintained so repairs should be conducted on a regular basis.

Timber Repair Process

• Repairs often require the removal of ceilings and floorboards and the formation of new wall sockets to allow for side splicing

• Some repairs will need to be conducted in restricted areas or involve reinforcing weak joints or making good stress cracks

• Specifications may require that the aesthetic features of the original timber be retained