Cavity Wall Ties

What are Wall Ties?

Wall ties, also known as ‘brick ties’, are used in buildings with cavity walls. Cavity wall ties are an important structural part of any building.

They are required to tie the visible protective outer cavity of brickwork or blockwork of a building together with the inner wall or masonry skin (the structural and load bearing part of the building). Ties are placed in the cavity wall during construction of a property and spans the cavity.

Wall Ties can also retrofitted – meaning they have been installed since the property was built.

Corroded Wall Tie

Corroded Wall Tie

Inserting Wall Tie

Inserting Wall Tie

New Timber Frame Wall Ties

New Timber Frame Wall Ties

We have a range of solutions from Helifix and twistfix for various applications and wall types such as block work, timber frame, stone etc. The helical wall ties are made from high tensile strength stainless steel and will not corrode. Wall tie replacements are an effective solution to prevent further cracking or damage to a bowed cavity wall and our expert installers will ensure the correct tie system for the substrates is selected

What Are The Signs Of Cavity Wall Failure

Unfortunately, cavity wall tie failure is only visible once the effects of cavity wall tie corrosion cause damage to the internal and external walls.

The ‘tell-tale signs’ of cavity wall tie failure include:

• Horizontal cracking – at regular intervals in external mortar joints
• Outward bulging of the wall – joints widen causing the wall to deflect outwards, often around window frames
• The lifting of roof edges – at gables the growth of brickwork can cause a noticeable ‘pagoda’ effect
• Internal cracks – vertical cracks may be found at internal wall junctions & horizontal cracks appear at internal wall & ceiling joints
• Cracks to render coats

If you have experienced any of these issues in the Flintshire and surrounding areas then cavity wall tie failure could be to blame. Contacting a local qualified expert to inspect your walls would be beneficial to diagnose the cause of your property problems as well as recommend the best course of action to remedy them.

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Delaying any form of treatment for cavity wall tie problems tends only to lead to further deterioration of the building.

How Much Do Wall Ties Cost?

Wall Tie Replacement, Installation and Removal is dependant on the size of your property. Prices vary depending on the number of wall ties that are needed in order to stabilise and secure the structure.Wall Tie replacement is an excellent investment, gives you a good return for your money over time and provide you with peace of mind. Putting off replacement wall ties will never cost less in the future and the potential for serious structural damage and additional costs shouldn’t be ignored.

Did you know mortgage companies will not lend against properties with failed wall ties? Unless remedial work to replace them is undertaken! It may be necessary to use scaffolding or a tower on some properties to allow our engineers to work safely which needs to be considered

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