Structural alterations can make better use of living space in Wrexham

Making structural alterations in Wrexham is the best way to adapt your home to your lifestyle. Some older homes don’t suit today’s lifestyle and may benefit from some structural work to make the space more functional.

Do you want a more open aesthetic? More space? More light? Do you want to make two rooms into one, remove a wall to create more space perhaps with the addition of a conservatory? Structural alterations allow you to create a living space purpose-built for your needs.

Structural alterations in Wrexham can also add value to your property, beyond the initial investment.  They can add that ‘WOW factor’ that may be missing from the property. In many cases, the value that structural alterations add to a property far outweighs the initial outlay. Structural alterations are a great investment: both for you and your property.

What kind of Structural Alterations do we offer in Wrexham?

We deal with all types of structural alterations, and pride ourselves on finding no job too small or too big. Just some of the most common tasks structural building works we undertake include:

• Structural openings in Wrexham
• Removing structural walls in Wrexham
• Load bearing steel work in Wrexham
• Adding doors and windows in Wrexham
• Through-lounges in Wrexham
• Forming new openings in Wrexham
• Chimney stack removals in Wrexham

Do I need building control approval for internal alterations?

Not all internal alternations need Building Regulations approval.

However, the basic rule of thumb is that if the work involves load-bearing walls, chimneys, fireplaces or walls around staircases then any alteration will require inspection and approval from your local building control team.