Loft Ladders in Conway

Loft Ladder & Hatch Solutions in Conway

Choose Your Ladder

We offer a two types of ladders that are suited to all types of lofts. We are more than happy to speak to you about the best ladder that we think would meet your requirements. Please provide measurements of the existing hatch is possible, If not please contact us to arrange a quote.

Hatch Replacement or Relocation & Adjustments

It may be that you do not have a hatch of the right size or location, the majority of hatches in older properties are not suitable when installing a loft ladder so may need to be replaced or adjusted.


Whether it is hatch adjustment, hatch replacement or just installing a loft ladder we are more than happy to help in anyway we can.

Loft Ladders in Conway

It’s important to have safe access in to your loft. A wobbly old stepladder or chair isn’t the way any of us should be trying to access our loft!

We have a range of loft ladders in Conway available for professional install. During our survey, if required, we’ll measure your loft hatch and give you the best advice on which ladder is most suitable for your home.

Benefits of installing a loft ladder in Conway:

• Permanent Loft Ladder – No Need for Steps or Stairs
• Easy Loft Access – Load and Unload Belongings Quickly & Safely
• Lightweight – Easy to Operate
• Safe and Secure – Permanent Fixings

Why choose Quirks?

• 20 years’ experience in the trade
• All Staff are registered CSCS card holders
• Highly recommended
• Competitive prices on all building services
• Friendly, reliable maintenance service
• We have zero reportable accidents
• 24 hour call-outs
• Free quotes on all jobs

Detachable Ladder
Unique detachable ladder.

Dovetail Joints
Keylite’s Loft Ladders have dovetail joints for added durability

Pre-fitted Handrail
Pre-fitted handrail on loft ladders trapdoor as standard

Loft Hatches in Conway

Most loft hatch installers will simply put in a cut piece of wood for use as a loft door. They tend to be unsealed and not insulated correctly — allowing heat to easily escape. Our loft hatches satisfy all NHBC requirements and the British Standards.

Our hatches help you get safe and easy access to your loft and look attractive too. We can either replace, enlarge, or build a new hatch for you.