Fitted Wardrobes in Denbighshire

A fitted wardrobe in Denbighshire can make a dramatic difference to your bedroom. Not only will it create more space, but it will also be designed specifically for your room, Making the most of areas around the home is crucial for a functional household, and bedrooms are just the same. An assortment of colours and styles allow a built-in wardrobe to be customised to personal taste, while accessories can be matched to the contents will be stored, making daily routines easier.


• Walk-in wardrobes
• Full-length wardrobes
• Cabinets and cupboards
• Chests of drawers
• Storage solutions
• Sliding doors
• Shelving
• Lighting

Traditional Fitted Wardrobes in Denbighshire

Our traditional wardrobe style creates a luxury completely bespoke look with our raise panel moulding doors with a choice of two or three panels with a skirting and cornice moulding that projects out to really enhance the appearance and depth of the cabinets.

With options of adding drawers’ frontals to the face and top box storage this wardrobe will fit perfectly in a period property or even a new build to add or enhance the character of your home

Sliding Fitted Wardrobes in Denbighshire

A modern and practical style of made-to-measure wardrobe in Denbighshire for bedrooms short on space are sliding wardrobes. Sliding wardrobes are a fantastic option to get the most out of your bedroom area. With a wide selection of door configuration styles and made in an aluminium frame these wardrobes will complement any bedroom

Walk-in wardrobes in Denbighshire

Any door will work in spaces that have a generous footprint – including internal options. With a classic swing mechanism that opens into the room, using it to transform a connecting room or area get built-in results. A fast way to create continuity throughout a home, it can be paired with other doorways for coordination. Anyone keen on overhauling decor regularly will also benefit from this style, as it can be left untouched when the rest of the room is changed.