Fire Stopping Contractors in Cheshire

Fire stopping, or compartmentation, is a form of passive fire protection that helps prevent the spread of a fire or smoke by using fire-resistant materials to block openings and joints between a building’s walls and floors. That can help save lives and property by giving much more time for occupants of the building to escape or for firefighters to control the fire.

Although new buildings should have suitable fire stopping measures built in, renovations and refurbishments can mean that over time the integrity of the compartmentation system is lost.

What Is Fire Stopping in Cheshire?

Fire stopping is best defined as the closing of any openings to prevent fire (including smoke and heat) from passing through numerous building compartments. Passive fire protection materials stop the spread of a fire, containing it by creating fire resisting compartments, which subdivide the building (vertically or horizontally).

It is our job to ensure that any openings and gaps are sealed to restrict a fire spreading both laterally and vertically.

How does passive fire protection work in Cheshire?

Should a fire occur, various fire stopping systems help to contain smoke, fire and heat a for a predetermined period of time. Fire stopping products are passive and inert, they maintain their integrity when exposed to heat. They may expand to close plastic pipes as they melt but they require no external activation or mechanical assistance. Therefore they do not rely on human intervention.

When services are removed or replaced as they pass through a fire wall or floor, they will create an imperfection in the wall, this allows fire and smoke to pass through these gaps, a few small holes can cause an entire fire compartment to fail and allow the fire to spread throughout the building, compromising escape routes and leading to a complete loss.

Fire Stopping in Cheshire

Fire resistant compartments are made through various components to subdivide buildings both vertically & horizontally.

The most common fire stopping product used is a batt & mastic solution. The batt will be cut to fit the aperture as tightly as possible, once pushed into the void Intumescent sealant is then applied to the perimeter.

Acoustic Sealing in Cheshire

Acoustic sealing is the application of acoustic rated products, such as sealant, caulk and fire foam, to reduce noise transmission through a building.

These are applied to walls, gaps & cracks that could allow noise to enter or escape.

There are unlimited variations when dealing with fire stopping & acoustic sealing.

Penetrations and linear gap seals in Cheshire

A firestop is a fire protection system made of various components used to seal openings and joints in fire-resistance rated walls or floor assemblies.

Firestop cavity barriers in Cheshire

A firestop cavity barrier is a specialist fire-stopping material which is fitted within building cavities; usually horizontally at each floor, and / or vertically at each fire compartment wall

Our Services

• Installation, upgrading and maintenance of fire doors
• Passive fire protection installation of all fire protective materials in floors, ceilings, walls, cavities and roofs
• Installation of fire barriers and curtains
• Intumescent treatment of timber and steel
• Air sealing