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Metal Fire Exit Doors in Wrexham

Our fire exit doors/emergency exit doors are manufactured to our heavy-duty specification and are also available as single or double doors. The emergency exit/ fire exit doors do not include an access device as standard; they are “blank”, and it is the panic bar which keeps the door locked shut. The access device can be added as an accessory to allow the door to be accessed from the external side of the door.

We supply the following hardware for your steel fire exit doors:

  • CE rated one-, two- or three-point locking crash / panic bars for use on the inner door leaf, we can provide a pre installation fitting service for a small additional charge if required. As standard we supply the 2-point locking panic bar as it’s the most secure option available.
  • CE rated external lockable handles can be fitted to the fire exit/emergency exit door if external access is required. The handle is designed to open the crash / panic bar. Whilst operation of the panic bar will override the lock, this can also be pre- installed for a small additional charge if required.

We can also supply the following extras for your steel fire exit / emergency exit doors:

  • Telescopic friction stays to enable the fire exit door to be kept ajar if or when required.
  • Vision panels
  • Powder coating
  • Drop bar system for extra security.

Our fire exit doors come with a 2point panic bar installed as standard as this is the most secure style of panic bar unit, the door set also comes supplied with 2 anti-jemmy studs on the hinge side of the door for extra protection which lock into the door frame when the door is closed.

uPVC Panic Bar Doors / Upvc Fire Exits Doors in Wrexham

These are external fire exit doors – not to be confused with internal fire doors that are rated to withstand fire for a given period. Fire exit doors are designed to provide an easy means of emergency escape. Push the panic bar and the spring-loaded shoot bolts are released, allowing the door to be pushed open.

These doors can be made in many colours and can be glazed in glass or uPVC infill panels for privacy. Internally they can be fitted with push pads or full panic bars. They can also be manufactured in a French Door style with a double panic bar fitted.

Fire exit doors should be well signed and illuminated, so can be easily located in a blackout situation. Fire exit doors should open out towards the best place that offers means of escape. Fire exit doors can also be opened from the outside if for example a panic bar with a keylock override is fitted. Fire exits and fire exit doors must never be obstructed.


Timber Fire Exit Doors in Wrexham

Some Examples of double fire exits doors in Wrexham.

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