Fencing in Chester

We are able to offer our fencing services to the domestic, commercial and agricultural or equestrian sectors and will undertake jobs ranging from small garden projects to large contracts for development companies and local authorities.

As well as offering traditional timber fencing we also offer alternatives such as concrete panel fencing or security fencing with steel posts and mesh.

Domestic Fencing in Chester

Garden Panel Fencing in Chester

A very popular option which offers a better security to your home and gives you extra privacy. It can be erected with different types of ready-made panels with varied heights and widths.

We can install concrete or wooden posts depending on your requirements. With thick set posts and planted deep into the ground they can be concreted for extra durability. We can also strengthen the posts with concrete support spurs.

Commercial & Security fencing in Chester

A security fence needs to be a strong visual deterrent in the first place. Once an intruder has set their mind on getting in to a property, often, the visual look itself is enough to put off the intruder. Of course, that is not enough in itself so all our security fencing is designed to withstand attack, even from the most determined intruder, whichever side the intruder comes at it from, on the way out or the way in.

Steel Palisade Security Fencing in Chester

Palisade fencing in Chester provides secure protection for industrial and commercial premises. We install fencing with either of the two ‘pale profiles’ available – either ‘W’ or ‘D’ profile, and with a wide range of paling heads. Gates are also available match our fencing.