Emergency drain repairs in Chester

Damaged drains causing difficulties?

If you’re in the Chester area and are in need of drain repairs, we can help. Quirks offers its customers drain repair services at great prices. Drainage problems may arise due to various reasons such as broken or fractured pipework, tree roots intrusion or ground movement. If you’re worried about your damaged drainage and you are looking for a professional, affordable drain repair service, then contact Quirks today.

Our services include:

Quirks offers many ways to fix and repair any outstanding drainage issue. We specialise in:

• Manhole repairs
• Gully repairs
• Pipe replacement services
• Relining and structural repairs
• Localised patch lining and non-structural repairs
• Pipe re-rounding
• Repairs of burst pipes

Why choose Quirks?

• 20 years’ experience in the trade
• All Staff are registered CSCS card holders
• Highly recommended
• Competitive prices on all building services
• Friendly, reliable maintenance service
• We have zero reportable accidents
• 24 hour call-outs
• Free quotes on all jobs

Who is Responsible?

If you are the homeowner, then it is up to you to make sure that the drains within your property boundary are looked after. If you have a tenancy agreement with your local authority or a Landlord then you should speak with them.

It is important to note that drains serving just your property are your responsibility. If, however, the problem is occurring with the drains in the road, for example, these are the responsibility of your utility company.

drain damage


Debris is one of the most common damaging components in a drain, which can come from severe weather or can be accidentally introduced occupants.

Other common causes include;

• Heavy rainfall
• Frost and Ice
• Grease and fat
• High volumes of paper or Sanitary products
• Poor quality cleaning products