Repair Of Bay Windows in Conway

Repair Of Bay Windows in Conway

Bay window stabilisation in Conway is a common requirement in Victorian built houses, where shallow footings were often used in contrast to today’s deeper and more stable foundations. Bay windows in Conway are particularly prone to cracking as they were frequently built with shallower foundations than the main house, which means as settlement of the building occurs, the bay window may not move at the same rate as the rest of the house – what is known as differential movement.

As well as differential movement, another cause of cracking to bay windows in Conway is when windows in the bays are replaced. Unless adequate support is given at the lower level, the weight of the upper bay can cause cracking as the ground floor windows are removed. Window openings are also often the weakest part of the structure, so cracking of bay windows and surrounding walls is alarming and not uncommon.

Fortunately, using modern structural repair methods, this type of cracking needn’t require costly underpinning, and can be tackled using a high quality Helifix Helibar system to restrain the wall and prevent further movement. Our experienced engineers regularly undertake bay window repairs in Conway and are expert in diagnosing the root cause of the issue and the most sound solution.

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