Asbestos Garage Roof Replacement and Removal in Cheshire

Why Use Asbestos in Garage Roofs in Cheshire (in the Past)

The main reason for using asbestos in the past is because it was a cheap building material. Asbestos possesses a lot of favourable features, including the ability to withstand heat, decay, erosion, and weathering.

So if you combine it being cheap and weatherproof you can see why it was so popular on garage roofs across Cheshire!

Let us break this down in a little more detail:

Cheap Building Material
Asbestos was mainly used in the construction industry for pipe installations, floor and ceiling tiles, drywall joints, and roofing felts. Its low price allowed households to afford asbestos for residential use.

Up until the late 90s, most properties would have an asbestos garage. The material impressively resists chemicals, electricity, and heat.

Asbestos Roofs in Cheshire are Highly Durable
Asbestos is a naturally occurring element. Therefore, it’s cheaper to use asbestos for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Mixing asbestos with cement can improve the lifespan of a roof. Asbestos was an important additive to form the widely used building material called asbestos cement.

Asbestos offers much better protection compared to wood and plastic,. It was extensively used as the main roofing material in the form of durable corrugated metal roof sheets.

Asbestos Resists Fire, Wear, and Electricity
The fire resistant property of asbestos makes it a reliable material for a workshop, garage or any other external building. It shows fewer signs of wear and leaves something like a garage roof looking brand new for many years. Asbestos sheets withstand fire, rain, and natural elements alike. They do not burn easily. The material is also resistant to termite damage and electricity.

Moving forward, asbestos is a brilliant thermal insulator. It can increase the energy efficiency of a building. This is why asbestos was often used in thermal insulations for commercial properties and factories.

Asbestos Roofs in Cheshire Are Easy to Maintain
The fact that asbestos is easy to clean is another reason for using it in the past. Throughout the 20th century, asbestos garage roofs were highly popular for their protection, durability, and affordability. In addition to weather resistance, this material is resistant to termite damage. Termites build colonies inside wooden roof beams, eaves, ceiling rafters, and shingles. Unlike wood and drywall, asbestos can fight the factors that destroy building materials over time.

Why choose Quirks?

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Specialist Teams
All our operatives are trained and equipped to safely handle asbestos material.

Licensed Waste Carriers
We comply fully with the guidelines and regulations for the control and transportation of asbestos.

Certified Disposal
Waste consignment certificates are available for all projects concerning asbestos removal.


Examples of non-licensed materials are:

Asbestos garages, sheds, out-buildings
Asbestos cement roofs
Asbestos cement sheets
Asbestos cement soffits, gutters, downpipes
Asbestos cement flue’s
Asbestos floor tiles
Asbestos textured coatings (Artex)
Asbestos bitumen products
Asbestos gaskets

Five important things you need to know about asbestos in Cheshire.

1. If your home was built after 2000, asbestos is very unlikely to have been used
2. Asbestos should always be treated with care but isn’t usually a problem unless it’s disturbed or damaged
3. If it’s left alone and in good condition, generally it won’t be a problem as it cannot release fibres into the air
4. Don’t disturb anything you think may have asbestos in it (disturbing it means things like drill, saw, scrub or sand)
5. We might already have an asbestos survey for your home. If you’re planning any works in your home, please contact us and we can let you know if there is any asbestos there